NOZO Toronto has been adventurously pushing the boundaries of Canadian fashion since 2012.  Originating as one of Toronto's premiere underground street labels, the brand has achieved cult status over the years through their subcultured-inspired designs and futuristic brand of street.  

What began as a fashion project between friends aimed at giving Toronto it's first exceptionally wild fashion label, quickly grew into a downtown organic movement when their flagship studio opened near Yonge and Dundas.  The studio became a magnet and incubator for Toronto's next generation of creative youth, and an international destination for visiting artists and muscians desiring to connect directly with the community.  At over 100 underground parties later, TV interviews, blog and magazine write-ups,  in-house photoshoots, and visits from major celebrities; the brand continues on it's mission to best represent Toronto's street fashion community to the world stage.

Designer Thelonius Poon applies a fusion of artwork, playful humour, and high-tech materials to produce bold, ready-to-wear pieces for both men and women.  The brand has also collaborated with Italian, Taiwanese, and American fashion labels to produce some truly unique pieces to be coveted by all.