Map of Inside of Toronto Afterhours “The Comfort Zone”

Toronto Rave Community - Map of Comfort Zone Toronto Nightclub

Years ago I encountered a humorous “Map of the Comfort Zone” for those who had never been inside before and wanted to understand the legendaryness. I haven’t been able to find the original map since, so I drew a new one.  In memory of CZ closing I decided to rebuild the map and post it on here for anybody else to find it.  Please contact me if any of the details or wrong, or you’d like to notes about each room.  Notes from other users, bathroom orientation is switched, and apparently there’s a second exit.

What is the dark side of living in Toronto, Canada?


I’m writing this as a response to What is the dark side of living in Canada? Toronto being our largest city, I thought it would only be fitting.

Information on me, I was born and raised here, did all my schooling and university here, ran businesses downtown, and have been heavily involved in the art scene here. A lot of my friends work in corporate finance or in the arts, and a few in medical so I see a wide range of what people’s lives are like.

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